G.M. “Mack” Devrow spent over 20 years serving the youth of Archer County. Mack and Janell moved to Archer City in 1972 with their four small children. Shortly thereafter Mac was invited to join the board of directors by local veterinary, Dr. Arch Andrews. Mack spent three years as the President of the board of directors. And for most of the 20 plus years he was on the board, he served as the beef show superintendent.

Mr. Devrow came from an agricultural background and had shown swine as a youth in Baylor County. Knowing the positive impact that raising show animals could have on youngsters, Mack wanted to provide an opportunity for his children and all the children of Archer County to participate in a quality show. Theresa, Debbie, Kevin and Kirk were all involved in the county show, participating in the horse, swine and beef livestock shows as well as showing in the Home Economics show. The tradition of leadership in county shows continues for the Devrow family as Kevin is an Ag Science teacher in Groesebeck. And all of Mack’s grandchildren have shown in their county shows.

Mack created a lot of friendships throughout the county working with the ACJLS. Many of the youth he saw grow up in the county show are out making their living in the agricultural industry today. Mack is proud to have been a part of an outstanding organization like the Archer County Junior Livestock Show that has helped the youth of Archer County.

Junior and Donna Hoff are the first husband and wife duo that have served as Directors for the Archer County Show as well as the first people that were participants growing up in Archer County and later served as Directors. The Hoffs have spent over a combined 40 years promoting the youth of Archer County.

As participants Donna Hoff participated in the Home Economics portion of the county show. Junior participated in the livestock exhibits including Dairy, Beef, Poultry, and Swine projects. Having positive experiences as youth, this couple wanted to see the tradition continue for their children and all the youth of Archer County.

As parents Junior and Donna’s children – Hillary, Nicole, and Adam- were all involved in the show participating in Dairy, Beef, Horse and Home Economics. Their children were active in the show from 1995 until 2013. Knowing the positive effects the show has on all youth who are involved, Donna and Junior also became Directors.

Donna was the first to join the board in the early 1990s. And she asked Junior to join in 1996. Even after Donna got off the board, she continued to help clerk for the Archer County sale for over 20 years. Junior joined in 1996 and was a Director for 2 decades until 2016. Junior felt it was important to keep continuity in the Dairy show. And even though he is no longer on the board, he talks to the current board helping with the Dairy show however he can.

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