Lindy Reid, an Archer City High School senior in the Class of 2020, is no stranger to hard work and fierce competition. As a freshman in the fall of 2016 she was a part of a volleyball team finishing a game short of a State Championship. In the spring of 2017, she led her team as a catcher to the State Tournament Semi-final. In the fall of 2017, as a sophomore, she returned to the volleyball State Tournament only to get bumped out in the State Semi-final. Having come close, Lindy had high hopes and dreams in the spring of 2020 of returning to the State Softball Tournament to pick up a coveted gold medal. The cancellation of UIL competition and closure of schools for the balance of 2020 turned a reachable goal into a missed opportunity.

Archer City Lady Cat softball coach Mallory Mooney new the quality she would have behind the plate when Lindy was in junior high. Mooney said, “I met Lindy when she was in the 7th grade. I could tell right away she was going to be a super athlete. Then when I found out she played baseball, I was pumped. I remember going to watch one of her baseball games (in a boy’s league) when she was in the 8th grade. She smoked the ball and kept stealing the bases. Not only could she keep up with the boys, but she was better than most of them. I proudly kept telling people around me 'yup; that's my catcher.' I couldn't wait for her to play softball for me. She didn't disappoint. She took over one of the toughest positions on the field as a freshman and helped us get to state. I was disappointed when they canceled the season because I knew we could make it there again for her senior year. She always works hard and does what is asked of her. She will be impossible to replace. Not only did she dominate on the field, but she took care of business in the classroom. I can't put in words what Lindy has meant to this program or how much she has meant to me as my catcher. All I know is the next player who posts up behind the plate has some big shoes to fill."

The 2020 Lady Cat softball team was 13-4 when the season came to an end. Lindy took a .545 batting average, 2 home runs, and 30 RBIs back to home base to shelter in place. The potential for her, Victoria Rater, and Vanessa Rater and the rest of the team to make a run in the playoffs is unquestionable, but what we will never know is how far they could have gone had the coronavirus pandemic not stopped everything cold. Lindy was confident, saying, "We would have gone far. I think we would have gone all the way just like we did during my freshman year. We really had a chance of going far, and it sucks because I know how good we were and how well we worked together."

On the bus on the way home after winning two games in Iowa Park on Saturday, March 14, the team was basically in shock when they heard the news. Lindy explained, "We were so confused. We thought, how is this happening? Everybody was speechless about what was happening." When texts and phone calls starting coming in on April 17 after Governor Abbott snuffed out the small glimmer of hope for any continuance of school and athletics, Lindy was devastated, saying, "I was just so upset. I just remember going to Dairy Queen to drown my sorrow in a brownie dough blizzard." Regrettably, it was time to turn the page and move on.

Lindy has made good use of her time doing ranch work with brothers Ace and Dawson for her father Clay Reid, a ranch manager on a local ranch. The ranch work is from Monday through Friday until about 1 pm consisting of fence repair and brush cleaning from pens. College credit classes and 2 high school classes come later in the day online. Occasionally on family-owned stock, she pitches in with branding. Her mother is the Chief Deputy Clerk in the 97th District Court. Ace will be a junior at Archer City High School next fall, and Dawson has recently returned from military service. Her older siblings, Hayley and Jacob, round out her immediate family.

Developing catchers has been a family affair with Clay pushing his children to excel at the position. Lindy has been at it since pre-school. "My dad just knew how to teach us to be catchers and leaders," said Lindy. Hayley, Dawson, and Lindy have all distinguished themselves at the position. The catcher watches everything on the field and must hold the team together by leading the way. Playing with her siblings, in the boy's league, and four years as a Lady Cat, Lindy has led her teams with a vast knowledge of the game. Along with her ability as a catcher, she says, "I've got thick skin now, too."

Lindy's senior class is a close-knit group having fought each other, had great fun together, and bonded since pre-kindergarten. She will graduate fifth in her class as a member of the National Honor Society, PALs, and Student Council. She paid tribute to her fellow graduates saying, "It's been a wild ride with every single one of them. I wouldn't trade them for anything. Being in class with them was so much fun. Class clowns, fun times, never a dull moment." Recently she and fellow senior Breanna Howard and Maggie Coates slipped off for an outing in the Wichita Mountains. At the graduation this Friday night at Wildcat Stadium, the closest they will come to one another is when they turn the tassels for the graduate in front of them.

Lindy continued about her classmates, saying, "We are not alone. We know we have each other's backs. Missing senior trips and school together it's getting really hard for all of us. It's all going to be missed. We took that all for granted, and we wish we had it back." Senior prom may be rescheduled for June or July sometime. It will give Lindy a chance to wear the dress she bought back in February.

To get a sense of what Lindy has meant to Archer City High School volleyball coach Krissa Johnson summed things up this way, “When a coach says players have "big shoes to fill" when players like Audry Lopez and Sam Clements leave, Lindy took that challenge and made herself and those Lady Cats proud. She came in every day to practice ready to work on her craft. She was never outworked on the court. She was a leader and very coachable. There are not too many kids about which you can say that. She had an attitude that a coach loves and was an extension of myself on the court. She kept everyone up and excited on the floor and was the first to say 'Good job or keep your head up.' I am going to miss Lindy so much. She has been a joy to be around these past 4 years. I know because of her character and values, success will follow her throughout her life. I am so grateful and proud to have had the opportunity to coach her and get to know her."

The kind of character and work ethic Coach Johnson describes has resulted in an impressive list of accomplishments in her four years. As a volleyball player in 2016, she was Academic All-district and a State Finalist. In softball in the spring of 2017, she was a State Semi-finalist, Co-1st team All-district catcher, Academic All-district, and named Player of the Year.

In the fall of 2017 for volleyball, she was 2nd team All-district, Academic All-district and a State Semi-finalist. In softball, she was an All-district infielder and Academic All-district during the spring of 2018.

During the 2018-2019 school year, she was 1st team All-district and Academic All-district in volleyball. In the spring, she was named Honorable Mention All-State catcher by the Texas Sports Writers Association along with All-district honors as an infielder and Academic All-district. This past fall, she was 1st team All-district in volleyball as well as Academic All-district. Her team was an Area qualifier.

Her accomplishments in softball and volleyball are awe-inspiring, but that's not all. As a cheerleader, cheering and supporting the Wildcats and Lady Cats whenever they lined up, she gained attention as an All-American cheerleader in 2016, 2017, and 2018. Add to that a 2019 Regional qualifier in powerlifting. This year she received the 2020 Lady Cat Award and was a 2020 Oil Bowl Volleyball nominee.

When asked about a memorable moment, she thought a second and picked a game against powerhouse Krum. The Lady Cats won 1-0. Audry Lopez doubled, then Lindy drove her in with a double of her own to win the game. Over the past four years, the most memorable fun moments were coming home on the bus in whatever sport was in session at the time. Lindy said, "The bus rides were the best. The songs, the dances. After leaving the game, after grabbing a bite to eat no matter how late, we would jam out and spend time with each other. It was just a fun time. Every sport was like that. All teammates would join in."

Vernon College is Lindy’s next stop to work on her nursing degree. She will have help with expenses with a Wildcat Booster Club scholarship and 2 Vernon College scholarships. She will be working on her basics to see what God’s plan is for her. She is a member of the First Baptist Church of Archer City. Being patient and trying things out will give her a chance as she says, “I want to love what I do.”

With her hectic schedule and now having to deal with the pandemic, Lindy relieves her stress by bible journaling, calligraphy, and painting. Her chosen medium for her art is watercolor. Her artistry will be on display with a bible verse on her graduation cap this Friday night.

Lindy's closing remarks stand as a lesson to all of us, but they are directed to her fellow seniors. She said, "This pandemic has really taught this year's senior class a huge lesson. Life is not going to be fair, and you just have to keep going. You can't grieve on it too much. It's okay to be sad sometimes, but you have to get over it and get going. Make yourself better and do the best you can." Lindy is struggling to put “what might have been” behind her, but she is ready to move on. A beautiful young lady with tough skin and a heart of gold will make herself better. Make no mistake, she always gives 100% and does the best she can.

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