Lakeside City city council discusses trash pick-up rates, provider

Lakeside City Administrator Eric Stevens (left) speaks to the city council on Tuesday, July 21, while city secretary Allison Sanders (right) takes notes.

The city of Lakeside City approved a 2.25% price increase from Waste Connections for garbage pickup which the city will not pass on to its citizens as of now.

During the Tuesday, July 21, city council meeting, City Administrator Eric Stevens said Waste Connections typically rolls out its rate increase in March, but the city received a postponement on approving it until July due to COVID-19.

“We are paying $19.06 a can and with the rate increase it is going to bring it up to $19.49,” Stevens said. “In 2013, our rates (to citizens) was $20 and in 2013 the council decided to raise the rates to $22.75 and since then we have stayed at $22.75.”

He added the council has always absorbed the rate increase into their budget, but the council could look at raising the rate if they want.

The council voted to approve the new rate and examine the rate passed on to consumers during budget workshops in the coming months.

Stevens added there is a relatively new company providing trash services, but the city’s contract with Waste Connections is an evergreen contract which means it renews for five years annually. He said the city did terminate the contract last year meaning they have another four years on the contract.

“I do think there is a potential way out, but it is not going to be pretty and it’s not going to make a lot of people happy,” Brett Hale said. “That’s the thing do you want to burn the bridge to get out of this thing or


The city administrator said instead of bulk pick-ups like Waste Connections, the new company would provide the city 15 roll-away dumpsters annually for residents to use. Stevens said the new company also has smaller trucks which would not tear up roads.

The city administrator said a bid from the company should be received in the coming months.

Other Items:

John Pezzano spoke during public comment asking the city to fix a culvert near a property which he plans to build a house on.

Lakeside City Volunteer Fire Department Chief Lonnie Hare provided a department update.

Stevens said repairs to the water tower have been completed and the tower is back online. He added the contractor doing the electrical work on the new city hall cut his bid down to $5,000.

The council approved a payment in the amount of $215,823 to contractor M & F Litteken Company for the percentage of work completed as of June 30.

The city administrator added the sewer task force was going to hold its final meeting on July 22 before holding a public input meeting before the August council meeting.

The council approved a policy statement and regulations on fire hydrant maintenance.

The council approved a bid proposal of $49,999.00 for road repairs.

Wichita Falls denied taking Lakeside City complaints in their municpal court. Lakeside will have to start their own court should they want a court.

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