Learning continues for Archer County students at home

Haley Owen prepares an online lesson for Archer City students

Teachers and students are moving into uncharted territory with the COVID-19 school closures. The closure per Governor Greg Abbott’s order is officially through April 3 which would allow classes to resume on April 6 barring any extension of closures. The pandemic has created uncertainty and information changes by the hour so an extension of closure is not only possible but likely.

Thankfully, Archer County is blessed with dedicated administrators, staff, and teachers committed to making sure the task of educating students is accomplished regardless of circumstances. The classrooms at Archer County schools have moved from the school building to packets at home and the internet. Each of the three districts in the county are offering learning in various ways.

C.D. Knobloch, Superintendent at Archer City ISD

provided the following statement, “Archer City ISD is using various online avenues to reach and teach students. For those without internet, the teachers create and hand deliver packets to help the students stay on track.”

Lonnie Hise, Windthorst ISD Superintendent provided the following statement, “The remote teaching is up and going since this past Tuesday (March 17). Our elementary had packets and parents came up and picked up the work for two weeks. We also have some teachers using Google Classroom for instruction, other teachers have Facebook accounts that only have students and parents permitted to join. Our middle school and high school are pretty much doing the same but teachers have been assigned to call the parents to let them know what was going on and see if they had questions. We have a sparse number of teachers on campus for questions and to assist students that have questions.”

Holliday ISD just returned from Spring Break this past Monday. The district’s website outlines a plan for students and teachers going forward as follows, “Providing ‘Grab and Go Meals’ for students Monday thru Friday to be picked up at the Elementary School between 9:30 and 10:30 a.m. If you are unable to pick up the meals please contact us Monday at 940-586-1281 so that we can arrange for delivery. Monday HISD administrators will meet to finalize a plan to support teachers as they prepare academic resources for our students. Tuesday teachers will begin preparing academic supports and resources for students. Wednesday HISD will update parents and students and begin implementing academic supports and resources.”

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