Mystery Mural completion set for this Saturday

Mary Ann Wages (Murn)  paints her square on mural

The west side wall of the building where the Archer Thrift Store is located across from Walsh Park is getting a paint job. Not just any paint job but a work of art composed of individual squares painted by people in the community. When all the mosaic squares are completed the community and visitors will be treated to a beautiful work of art designed by Kathy Morrison. The mural she has designed will compliment Walsh Park where she has recently completed “Branded” the horse statue. It will also help raise funds for new decorations for the annual Christmas on the Square.

The initial goal was to complete the Mystery Mural in a day, however, only about 50% was completed last Saturday. Progress was slower than anticipated due to some unanticipated logistic, so if you missed out there is still a chance to participate. City councilors, law enforcement personnel, young people and older people numbering over 40 were at work last Saturday. In addition, a lot of folks just curious about what was happening kept circling the block to take a look at the progress. With this Saturday scheduled for painting they will be able to stop and participate.

Not all the squares are sold so some are still available. Additional low squares have been added per request. The squares are $25 each and the Christmas on the Square Committee provides the paint, a template, and instructions. All you need to do is show up to paint your square to leave your mark on the mural. There are 165 squares and each square is 15 inches by 15 inches.

Some squares are sold, but for whatever reason, nobody showed up to paint them. Some squares were purchased for willing volunteers to paint. Either way the project is headed for completion this weekend. Everyone is urged to find a way to pitch in with painting, donations, or just moral support. The final product will continue the progress of bringing Archer City to life through the arts. Morrison said, “We are working on it, one way or another we will finish this weekend.” The Christmas on the Square Committee is planning to offer a T-Shirt with the Mystery Mural on it once the painting is completed.

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