Nursing home boarded up

Archer Rehab and Care, formerly known as Vista Living, was boarded up on Thursday, July 2. All residents had moved out of the facility byFriday, June 26.

A 57-year story of care for the elderly came to an end last week. The scheduled date for closure of Archer Rehab and Care, formerly known as Vista Living, was July 15, however, as of last Thursday, July 2, all residents and employees were gone and the building was boarded up.

Workers were on site in the process of covering windows with plywood panels to secure the facility.

The empty rooms and hallways are now filled with only memories and the spirits of those cared for since 1963. The grounds are unkept, but as of last Thursday the flag of the United States was still flying outside.

The last resident and most of the employees vacated the building on June 26. Some of the employees will continue to be employed in the Vernon location for Archer Rehab and Care.

Financial troubles have plagued the series of operating companies for years. Wood Nursing Home, Inc. foreclosed a real estate lien on September 1, 2015.Wood Nursing Homes, Inc. according to the Archer County Public Records is the record owner of the real estate.

The current operating company is Archer Rehab and Care. Dean Davis is listed as the owner of Archer Rehab and Care. He has not responded to numerous attempts to contact him for a comment. Attempts to contact Wood Nursing Home, Inc. were also not successful.

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