Monday, the Archer County News checked in with Dana Schreiber to see how the Shreiber cousins were fairing on their treacherous Texas Safari Journey. The race began early Saturday morning.

Dana Schreiber said, “They started off cheerful, full of adrenaline and ready for the challenge ahead of them. One hour and 49 minutes into the race their boat hit a rock and the current folded it like a taco.

‘Their tracker wasn't working, and with a few comments about their boat condition from some of the race officials we assumed they were done and out of the race with an unfloatable boat. We sent the team out to Load them up and accept the sad loss of having to pull out in the first 2 hours.

‘We couldn't find them and were told they rigged it back together and were on their way to our check point. Sure enough, gorilla tape and their mental strength has carried them to mile 178. They should hit mile 200 around 10:00 this evening (Monday)! They are hot, hands full of blisters but a solid Schreiber attitude taking them to the finish at Seadrift!!”

Tuesday we checked back in with Dana. She said they are paddling their last 16 miles in the pouring rain, but should hit the finish line in Seadrift around 8 this evening after press time. We will interview them and have a full report of their journey for next week. I hear they have many funny stories to tell and that it has been quite the adventure.

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