Sergio Quintana Pereiro forced to return to Spain

Sergio takes a  last ride on his bicycle through Archer City, soaking up the fresh air before he is quarantined to his home in Spain until the pandemic is over.

Exchange students in the David and Mary Ann Levy household find a home away from home establishing lifelong friendships. As a rule, the students stay for the completion of a school year with proper farewells from teachers, coaches, and friends. Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic Sergio’s sponsoring organization in Spain is calling him home immediately. Everyone involved feels he is safer here, but he has no recourse. He tried unsuccessfully to have the decision reversed to no avail.

He will now have to board a plane in Wichita Falls, then transfer to a flight from DFW to Madrid, then finally a flight to his home state in Spain. The transatlantic flight will have 300 people aboard returning from exchange assignments all over the country. When he gets home his father will have to have a special permit to drive him home where he will be quarantined in his room for 15 days.

His plans to perform in concert with his saxophone in Austin on June 1 have been cancelled, his plans to compete in UIL have been cancelled, and likely the balance of his junior year at Archer City High School will be cancelled. Hopefully, he will be able to obtain credit for a full junior year to avoid having to repeat in Spain next year.

His gentle spirit and talent have endeared him to many in Archer City and he will be missed. He is without question entering a much more dangerous situation than he is in here in Archer County. He will leave here at 5am Thursday morning. Sergio, best wishes and may your journey be a safe one.

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