A special event is planned for Archer City ISD on October 25, 2019. The district has adopted an emphasis on career planning and “What’s Your Plan” over the past few years. Counselors and staff work closely with students to encourage them to explore both professional and vocational careers early on. Thus, the theme for this year’s career fair, “Dream BIG, Plan Accordingly”.

The objectives of “Dream BIG, Plan Accordingly” are:

• Gain awareness of various careers.

•Establish connections with industry professionals.

•Explore educational and training requirements for career fields.

The career fair will be following a schedule similar to a professional conference. ACISD will have Shelley Wells-Peterson as the keynote speaker. Shelley has supported Lockheed Martin pursuits, diving into the rapidly evolving augmented reality and wearables market to integrate emerging technologies into solutions for Lockheed Martin applications. Early in her professional career, Shelley founded a business focused on emerging technology solutions, including military aircraft distributed mission training and multi-spectral imaging monocular.

Angela Kinsey, ACHS graduate, and star of the TV series, “The Office” is preparing a special presentation for ACISD students as well, to be delivered by video. District staff and students are especially excited to connect with ACHS alumni and hope to develop a continued connection for the future, benefiting both staff members and students.

It is the district's plan to provide information, interactive experiences and a chance for students in grades 7-12 and to connect with as many varied career professionals as possible on the day of the fair. Each breakout session will be approximately 40-45 minutes long. A hospitality room will be provided for all presenters throughout the day.

The lobby area of our beautiful new junior high/high school building will be available to those that would like to set up a display booth or information table so that you can visit with students one-on-one throughout the day.

If you would like to participate October 25, please contact Bethann Oswald at boswald@archercityisd.net. You may also call 940-574-2786 to discuss if you prefer. ACISD request your response no later than October 1.

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