It is not the usual policy at the Archer County News to promote GoFudMe accounts for those in need. However, I am bringing to your attention two Archer County families that are in dire need at this time due to illnesses of a family member that has stripped them of all their monetary means. These families are so humble that asking for help is so very hard for them to do.

Bobby Blair, married to Vicki Blair of Archer City, is suffering from a host of illnesses that requires 24-hour around the clock care. His wife Vicki and daughter Breon Blair spend their time as caretakers for the one they love. Vicki, who is a real estate agent, has not been able to work. Medical bills have piled up and more surgeries are needed. Bobby has Cervical Spinal Stenosis - herniated discs in neck putting pressure on the spinal cord causing lack of strength in the upper body (shoulders, arms, hands and core). He has spasms and pain from the neck down through his legs and lack of manual dexterity. Discs are also pressing on the vagus nerve causing his heart to stop, so a pacemaker was implanted. He is a double amputee due to diabetes. He suffers from congestive heart failure. One coronary artery is 100% blocked. He also has Stage II kidney disease. His Immune system is compromised, and he is currently fighting 2 infections at this time that must be cleared up before he can face his next surgery.

Eugene Bullard of Archer City has been bedridden for 88 days with a herniated disc and a MSSA infection of the spine. The doctors also found a spot on his arm that was diagnosed as Basosquamos cell carcinoma which will have to be removed. Doctors project he will be in the rehab another 4-5 weeks on anti-biotic injections which is not covered by insurance. All of this happened right after his wife Kathy closed her flower shop in Holliday and bought the Basket Case in Wichita Falls. His daughter was married, and he was unable to attend or walk her down the aisle as planned. To make matters worse, a deer ran into their car as Kathy was driving to see him and it was totaled. Then she ran over a hog in their other car. Eugene has not been able to work for over 90 days and insurance is so poor it pays little of nothing. A GoFundMe account has been set up for him as well.

Though many individuals have helped, the medical costs are overwhelming, not to mention the inability to work. If you are inclined, you may help these families on When you get to the site, there is a place to search. Type in Eugene Bullard Wichita Falls and Bobby Blair (Grumpy Cat). Directions for donating are simple. God Bless.

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