Wichita Falls man arrested in Archer County for theft and evading arrest

Jimmy Dean Andrews of Wichita Falls was arrested in the early morning hours of Monday, November 4th. Archer County Sheriff Deputy Jack Monroe was patrolling east bound of 1954 when he observed a white male sitting in the bar ditch on the south side of 1954 flashing a green light at him as he drove by. When Monroe backed up to check on him, the man took off running east on 1954 and then crossed over, climbing a fence, continuing north behind residences on Sisk Road. The man kept running when Monroe shouted for him to stop. As Monroe continued checking the area for the man, he heard a loud crash come from behind a residence on Sisk Rd and a black Ford pickup coming down the driveway as the security gate opened. The pickup turned on Sisk Rd and refused to yield as Monroe pursued him with his red and blue emergency lights flashing. The black pickup turned on to 1954 driving at a high rate of speed and then turned north on Hwy. 79. Wichita County was notified, and tire spikes were set up on Hwy 79 and Rathgeber Road where both tires of the vehicle were deflated. The man finally came to a stop on the service road of Henry S. Grace Freeway and Ditto Lane. Monroe patted the man down for weapons and found a plastic baggy containing a crystal-like substance, later field testing positive for methamphetamine.

Andrews was charged with Evading Arrest and Theft greater than 30k, less than 150k. The owner of the stolen black Ford pickup valued it at $35,000.

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