Unsynchronized Swimmers

A Stephens County game warden received a 911 call from local dispatch involving four people who were stranded in the middle of the Hubbard Creek Reservoir and their boat had washed ashore. The caller was in the boat but was unable to get it started to reach the stranded swimmers. The caller had never been on the lake before and did not know where she was to give directions to the warden. One of the occupants had gotten into the water while the boat was floating in the middle of the lake to swim without a life jacket and the boat floated too far away for her to reach. Then, her husband, unable to crank the boat, jumped in the water and swam to her with a small ring buoy. The boat continued to float further away when another occupant on board saw the couple struggling in the water and swam out to them to assist with no lifejacket. By the time he reached them, the boat had tripled in distance from the original swimmer. A fourth occupant from the boat decided to swim out to the three simmers trying to stay afloat with life jackets for them, however, the boat was now about 350 yards away and he was unable to reach them. When the warden arrived, he was able to get the location of the boat and swimmers thanks to landmarks on the lake. The boat was located aground near an island and the three stranded swimmers were about 450 yards away. The swimmers were exhausted and panicked, but all accounted for. Once they were on the boat, they found the fourth swimmer who had multiple lifejackets attached to him but had exhausted himself trying to get to his friends. Everyone in the water was worn out and frightened, but safe and refused medical attention. Once they were accounted for, the warden helped them get their boat back to where they had launched.

Lost and Found

A recent game warden academy graduate was enjoying a weekend of camping and fishing at Fayette Lake before reporting to his first duty station later this month in Starr County. One Sunday morning, the new game warden came across a small aluminum boat that was abandoned at the dam. He called local dispatch and gave them the boat registration numbers, then towed it back to the Oak Thicket boat ramp and secured it. When the local game warden arrived, a park worker told him that a boat had been stolen during the night from one of the campers. After talking to the campers, it became apparent their missing boat was the same one the new game warden had found on the other side of the lake that morning. The campers were overjoyed and grateful for the recovery of their boat.

It’s Tradition

A Lubbock County game warden was travelling to Buffalo Springs Lake when he came across a group of five young men shooting skeet on a county road. While approaching the group, he noticed numerous empty shell casings on the road. When the warden questioned the group about what they were doing, one of the individuals admitted they were skeet shooting, but did not know the owner of the field they were shooting across and into. At one point, a family member of one of the young men became frustrated and said, “we have done this for years.” Citations were issued to the individuals for Discharge of Firearm on Public Roadway and Trespass by Projectile.

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