Archer County is the home of hidden gems everywhere. From one end of the county to the other, there is an enormous amount of generosity in our little speck on the map.

Generosity comes in a variety of methods. Monetary giving comes to mind easily, yes. But there are a lot of other avenues of munificence occurring all around us, through YOU.

When one pays attention and purposely seeks to notice, the little kindnesses are quite easy to spot. Holding the door for someone your senior, giving a random hug, complimenting jobs well done, running an errand for your neighbor or pulling their trash to the curb, buying a friend breakfast, mowing your elderly neighbors yard or taking them soul food when sick, volunteering at multiple places, or adding someone to your daily prayer list. I could go on and on. Tie into the little things, the world of the big things, like hosting a benefit for someone in need, supporting all things youth, providing food boxes to help where needed, building and rebuilding an array of organizations and programs to continue providing for the needs and wants of the communities, aspiring to improve and succeed, ultimately creating a county to be proud of. A county of togetherness, caring, and love. A county of humanity. A county of the good stuff. It's still here, right here at home. And I see you. Each and every one of you that doesn't get the thank you, the pat on the back, or the reminder that it's all worth it. It's worth showing the next generations that America is alive and well. Right here at home, in Archer County, U. S. of A.

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