Dear Archer County Residents,

I would like to express my gratitude for living in a small town. I grew up in the middle of Oklahoma City and never imagined living in a small town like Windthorst, Texas. Well it happened - city girl turned into a country girl, and I'm so glad my mom chose Archer County as the place to move her twin girls. I'm just in awe of all the kind and considerate residents that are in Archer County. I was told years ago by a coach, "If you want to love where you live and be happy, get involved in your community".

Well I think I have! Last night I attended the Christmas on the Square. As I sat back and watched the events of the night I was amazed at all the people involved in getting this event going. It was a wonderful event. Also, as I walked around the square, I looked at the lights around the courthouse. I thoughts back, in years past and present these decorations and lights were supplied by the courthouse/annex employees and put up by Archer County Sheriff Beesinger's work crew This year, if you noticed, there were new lights that were donated by the 4B Board to add to the courthouse decorations on the courthouse lawn for all our residents and the people that drive through our little town. Special thanks to Vicki Davis for getting that accomplished.

Archer City is not the only part of Archer County that spreads holiday cheer. Windthorst 4-H and Windthorst St. Mary's and St. Boniface Youth group go Christmas caroling every year to the elders in the Windthorst Community. Windthorst 4-H also collects food for the food pantries in the county. I know there are other events that are going on but these are just some of ones I'm involved in. I am grateful my mom brought me to this small town, I don't want to be anywhere else.

I'm grateful and blessed to raise my children in MY small town.

P.A. Vieth

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