Dear Editor,

As a citizen of Archer City, I have great concern with how complaints are handled by the city. As it was explained to me(by a city employee) if a complaint by a citizen is made to the city, city personnel will contact the person of the address in concern and advise them that someone has made a “complaint”. Understandably then, the person complained on starts to assume who the complainant is. This presents a major problem amongst “neighbors “and AC citizens.

It is beyond me, as to why the city cannot address this matter as a city matter only. The city has Ordinances and codes that address all kinds of matters. These matters shouldn’t only be addressed when there is a citizen complaint. Code violations should be enforced at all times and apply to all people equally.

The standard letter and Courtesy calls that the citizen who receives a complaint receives needs to be modified and addressed from a city’s officials position and not as from a citizen.

I am now in a position to do damage control with a neighbor, who received word that a “complaint” had been filed against their property and unfortunately, they assumed it was me. Please do not allow this practice of notification to continue, it is grossly unfair to all involved.


Debbie Jones

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