Throughout one’s life, we occasionally happen upon a difference maker. I’m blessed to be able to say my life has been full of characters that have impacted me, made a difference, and mattered to the outcome of the human being I am today. There have been so many pivotal people that have made a difference in my life. Jerry and Barbara Phillips are two of the biggest names on that list. Seven and a half years ago, not knowing me very well, they provided me an opportunity to earn their respect and trust by hiring me at the newspaper. They both graciously opened their door and their hearts as wide as the Texas sky. Working for Jerry and Barbara at the newspaper has taught me, grown me, provided for me, and given me a place to feel at home with family. I am now like one of their own. Two of the best souls with giving hearts and understanding ways happened to me the last seven and a half years. The love and appreciation I feel for these two human beings is immeasurable. I have had the privilege of knowing who works “behind the scenes” in a variety of ways to help make Archer City the best home it can be for all of us. Jerry and Barbara play mighty big roles in exactly that.

“The only thing that stays the same is that everything changes.” Boy, ain’t that the truth? While it saddens me that this phase of my life is coming to an end, I am filled with joy at the friendships and memories created during my tenure at the Archer County News. I am filled with excitement for Jerry and Barbara and this hard-earned, well deserved retirement.

Jerry, Barbara—THANK YOU both so very much, for showing me kindness, openness, understanding, patience, opportunity and possibility. I will forever be grateful for you both and love you more than you know.

Misty Cameron

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