Dear Editor:

After receiving inquiries from the public concerning the malicious and unchristian posts and comments made about Chief Deputy Simon Dwyer, I feel compelled to address the public with the facts so that the truth is known. These insults reflect on me as his employer and as Sheriff of Archer County.

Simon was not fired from the Archer County Sheriff’s Office in 2001 as rumored. He resigned after being threatened by the Ed Daniels administration for refusing to sign a document containing false information. When he tendered his 2-week resignation he was told that his resignation was accepted immediately. The resignation is documented with the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement.

I have found no evidence that Simon ever used his badge for personal gain or favoritism.

I have received information from the Texas Rangers that Simon is not under any type of investigation for any criminal offense or wrongdoing. This accusation is completely false and undeserved.

I have also received information from the State Ethics Commission that there have been no complaints filed against Simon concerning political signs or advertising. There have been issues with several Candidate’s political signs advertised in Archer County that have displayed incorrect lettering sizes or other minor infractions and those have been corrected which is the action requested by the Ethics Commission.

Simon has worked at the Archer County Sheriff’s Office for over 11 years and I am appalled that those who have posted, commented, and shared these malicious rumors, waiting until election time to attempt to damage his reputation. Shame on all of you!

Sheriff Staci Beesinger

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