Dear Citizens of Archer County:

I just wanted to let you know that I recently needed to have some business taken care of in your local Tax Assessor office. (Note… I normally mail in my “needs” to this office… but this particular task required me to go there in person.)

I dealt directly with Dawn Vieth, your elected Tax Assessor/Collector. Dawn, and her entire staff, was such a joy to work with. They were all so knowledgeable and worked efficiently… and what a positive attitude and such professionalism and kindness they showed.. not only to me… but to all the other customers that came in during my time there… (almost 2 hours).

I’m sure you are all aware of these ladies and what an asset you have in this office!

Also, over the past several years I have needed to work closely with the Archer County FSA office where Kerri Bobbitt and others in that office have been so polite, helpful and efficient.

I reside in Wichita County but am affiliated with property and assets located in Archer County which require me to deal with these offices.

Archer County Citizens… you are blessed to have such good people working in your town. Next time you see these people… give them a High Five, Fist Bump, or a Pat on the Back… for a job well done!

Sincerely, Donna L. Schwartz Wichita Falls, TX.

P.S. Stopped in at “Murn’s” for a Fried Fish Plate “to go” on my way out of town…YUM-YUM… another blessing/asset for your town!

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