We would like to extend our most heartfelt gratitude for the outpouring of compassion and generosity by this wonderful community during this difficult time. It is especially appreciated because we understand that everyone is living in uncertain times amidst everything else that is happening around us. Every visit, phone call, every text, the cards, meals, shelter, service, clothes, donations… they mean more to us than any of you will ever know. It is a terrible experience to lose everything, but we cannot imagine going through something like this in any other place. We have been surrounded with love and care during the entire experience. First of all, we want to express our utmost appreciation for the local and area Volunteer Fire Departments and First Responders and we thank God that no one was injured while fighting this fire. We would like to send a special thank you to Joey Meador, Todd Herring and Abby Abernathy for your hard work and generosity in helping us clean up the aftermath of this disaster. We would also like to thank Chad and Melanie Deen for graciously letting us stay in their home while we were adjusting to this unexpected phase in our lives, as well as Kirk Ondricek for allowing us the use of his fifth wheel so we can stay on our property until a new home is built. Thank you to everyone who has helped organize fundraising on our behalf and thank you to everyone who has supported these events. There are simply too many to thank to name each of you and we don’t want to leave anyone out, but you know who you are. We are so truly blessed with very dear family and friends we call family. We love each of you and pray that God blesses each one of you ten times over for all you have done for us!

With much love and thanks,

Todd, Mandy, A.J. & Gunnar

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